Sweeney Digital Turning Tool – Model 189DTT


Providing a safe, controlled, cost-effective way to rotate turbine engines during boroscope inspection.


  • Borescope operator can control turbine rotation
  • Automatic blade counting
  • Flag blades for quick return to review
  • Adjustable torque limit to 150 ft-lbs (203 Nm) – this is the most toque available from any turnover tool
  • Most commercial and military engines loaded in engine library
  • Motor is designed to fit all previous versions of Sweeney engine interface adapters
  • Automatic/manual modes
  • Variable speed and pause interval
  • Improved accuracy in positioning turbines for inspection. New motor control technology will allow unprecedented accuracy (0.006 degrees) in positioning blades
  • USB port on controller allows connectivity to laptops, enabling the download of inspection reports
  • Pendant is light and easy to use. It is shaped to fit in one hand or hung close by to be read by the operator
  • Torque overload sensor shuts down operation if excessive torque occurs, which can protect expensive components from damage
  • Foot control for hands-free operation


Total System Weight 35 lbs Accelertation / Deceleration 0.2 sec min, 5 sec max. Incrementally adjustable
System Container Dimensions 10"x18"x24" Dwell Timer 0-60 Seconds. Can be held indefinitely by user.
Power Input 85-270 Vac
47-440 Hz
200 Watts max
Blade Flagging 0-100 blades per Engine. Can be flagged for re-inspection
Operating Temp. 5°F-158°F
Blade Counter Displays Current blade
Storage Temp. -30°F-185°F
Indexing Stage One index point per engine
Ambient Humidity 0-96% Communications USB to export reports
Speed Continuously Variable From 20 deg./min. to 360 deg. /min Pendant Dispays engine, stage and blade information. Blade numbers .50" high tactile feedback keypad 9 keys
Direction Bidirectional with backlash compensation adjustable by user. Certifications CE and FCC pending
Torque User selectable
30 lb-ft to 150 lb-ft
External Control Foot Pedal to index blades

NOTE: Pneumatic version also available