Tool Leasing & Rental

Our flexible leasing and rental schemes provide an extremely cost effective option to your tooling requirements.

  • Capital investment in new tooling can be a financial challenge to any business.  These schemes eliminate those pressures.
  • Fixed monthly fees give you the peace of mind that your tooling is covered by the ultimate support package.
  • Never worry about calibrations, repair and tool service again, we do that for you!

A tool replacement service is a unique aspect to these schemes.

On most models we simply send you a replacement tool and you return the unit that is due calibration and service. No other system gives you greater tool utilisation.

Tool leasing is ideally suited for medium to long term requirements, whereas a tool rental scheme is an ideal solution to short-term projects or to supplement existing tool during periods of high work load.

Call us now for further details, our service team can provide you with all the options available to meet your tooling requirements.

No capital investment, fixed operating costs and ultimate tool utilisation. There has never been a better deal!