New Surplus and Reconditioned Tooling Sales

Our current list of available used tooling is shown below.

For further details on any of these tools, or for any other enquiry, please contact us.
ReferenceManufacturerModelAlternative NumberConditionPrice
SO 0003Sweeney7065 - Dial Torque TesterNS£2.295.00
SO 0004Sweeney7065 - Dial Torque TesterNS£2,295.00
SO 0009 Sweeney7065 - Dial Torque TesterNSSOLD
SO 0027PowerdynePD1201 Torque Multiplier5120-00-1692986OH£ POA
SO 0042PowerdynePD12015120-00-1692986NS£ POA
SO 0044Sweeney67B - RatchetOH£140.00
SO 0046Sweeney67B - RatchetOH£140.00
SO 0056SweeneySWE 103 - Torque MultiplierOH£5,600.00
SO 0057Proto/Sweeney6212/ SWE 391 - Torque MultiplierNSSOLD
SO 0058SweeneySWE 8100PWA18872& PWA45418OHSOLD
SO 0061SweeneySWE 18966-10 - ShaftSV£500.00
SO 0062SweeneySWE 18950-10 ShaftSV£850.00
SO 0063SweeneySWE 18967-10 ShaftSV£260.00
SO 0064SweeneySWE 18935-40 Adapter CFM56856A2002P03SV£1,100.00
SO 0065SweeneySWE 18934-40 (18934-50) Adapter PW4000SV£1,450.00
SO 0066SweeneySWE 18983-45 AdapterSV£1,000.00
SO 0067Sweeney SWE 18983-40 AdapterSV£250.00
SO 0068SweeneySWE18983-10 ShaftSVSOLD
SO 0069 xSweeneySWE 826324 Shaft Assy4920-00-9911012NSP.O.A
SO 0070 xSweeneySWE 8263561262K001919NSP.O.A
SO 0071 xSweeneySWE 2701-65 Handle Grip5340-00-8354840NSP.O.A
SO 0072 xSweeneySWE 82639 Screw5305-00-2424951NSP.O.A
SO 0073 xSweeneySWE 840112 Plunger4920-00-4455449NSP.O.A
SO 0074 xSweeneySWE 840114 Plunger4920-00-4455450NSP.O.A
SO 0075 xSweeneySWE 826397 Bracket4920-00-9782877NSP.O.A
SO 0076 xSweeneySWE 826380 Yoke Assy4920-00-7087446NSP.O.A
SO 0077 xSweeneySWE 826380 Yoke assy4920-00-7087446SVP.O.A
SO 0078 xSweeneySWE 84036 Anchor Plate4920-00-7842002NSP.O.A
SO 0079 xSweeneySWE 84036 Anchor Plate4920-00-7842002SVP.O.A
SO 0080 xSweeneySWE 8203535315-00-0792210NSP.O.A
SO 0083 xPowerdynePD 1201 Torque Multiplier5120-00-1692986SV (V.G Condition)P.O.A
SO 0084 xPowerdynePD 1201 Torque Multiplier5120-00-1692986SV (V.G Condition)P.O.A
SO 0081 xPowerdynePD 14334920-00-6240680SV (V.G Condition)P.O.A
SO 0082 xPowerdynePD 2620 Adapter5120-00-6253881SV (V.G Condition)P.O.A
SO 0085 xPowerdynePD 5112-2 Adapter6635-01-3743631NSP.O.A
SO 0086 xPowerdynePD 14045120-00-3372822SVP.O.A
SO 0087SweeneySWE104207 Anchor Plate Assy 104207NS£770.00
SO 0094SweeneySWE 8111 - Torque MultiplierPWA52666 & PWA29614OHSOLD
SO 0101SweeneySWE 8105ASWE 8105SV (V.G Condition)SOLD
SO 0102SweeneySWE 8200PWA18872& PWA45418SV (V.G Condition)SOLD
SO 0104Sweeney SWE 290290OH£375.00
SO 0105SweeneySWE 391OH£650.00
SO 0113Sweeney SWE 81002 - SlingPart of PWA 81087SV (V.G Condition)POA
SO 0116Sweeney SWE 81128112SV (V.G Condition)£18,000.00 SOLD
SO 0117Stanley Proto 6212 / Sweeney6212 SWE 391As NewPOA
SO 0118TorqueleaderADS4Torque WrenchSV (V.G Condition)£220.00
SO 0119TorqueleaderADS4Torque WrenchSV (V.G Condition)£220.00
SO 0120TprqueleaderADS4Torque WrenchSV (V.G Condition)£220.00
SO 0121Norbar330Torque WrenchSV (V.G Condition)£105.00
SO 0122Britool-ExpertEVT 3000ATorque WrenchSV (V.G Condition)£100.00
SO 0123Britool-ExpertEVT 3000ATorque WrenchSV (V.G Condition)£100.00
SO 0124Britool-ExpertHVT 7200Torque WrenchNS (New Surplus)£285.00
SO 0131SweeneySWE 8200DSOH£5,000.00
SO 0139Sweeney SWE 8100OHSOLD
SO 0137Sweeney SWE 8200OHSOLD
SO 0140SweeneySWE 103OH£5,600.00

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