At the beginning of the September, on a Friday afternoon, we held a mini-celebration in the workshop to commemorate all the hard work that each member of staff has put into the business over the summer. June, July and August were quite busy months for Turbine Tools, with high workloads and quick turnarounds, all of which wouldn’t have been achievable without the strong teamwork, determination and overall efficiency of the staff in the workshop and the office, particularly during the hot weather, which made for difficult working conditions, to which we recognize and appreciate everybody’s endurance - it is something that will be improved going forward.

In addition, we also used this time to say goodbye to James, who spent the summer working for us in the workshop focusing on the calibration side of our servicing. During his time with us, James proved to be an important asset to our team; he consistently made sure that work was carried out thoroughly and to the highest standard, so thank you James - we hope to see you again next summer.