At Turbine Tools we are always thinking of new ways to improve our business, from our customer satisfaction to our staff welfare. This month we have invested in a new Health and Safety consultancy contract with Croner, an organization that specializes in providing health and safety support, training and compliance with legal requirements. Croner will act as an advisor and assist our team to maintain and further enhance our company’s current health and safety standards and safety management systems.

Alongside strengthening our everyday health and safety practices, we believe it is particularly important to have external, independent support within the process of auditing. Croner will check documentation, interview staff and observe our processes and systems in action to make sure they meet current standards and law, as well as work effectively and are followed by all members of staff. We believe that, as a result, our contract with Croner will offer a new and invaluable perspective on the functionality of our health and safety approach.

We look forward to our work with Croner in the future and improving our company’s health and safety performance.