Advance Hydraulic Torque Wrench
Model AH-2543TCR*

AH-2543TCR hydraulic wrench. This model is the system of the future, satisfying both bottom and top-torquing tooling applications.
With its high torque range and accuracy, the AH-2543TCR will satisfy both assembly, and removal requirements of fasteners. A true full feature wrench, this eliminates the need for many mechanical torque wrenches to accomplish the same fastener requirements.

Also available in the CONSTANT ROTATION version, it has already found wide acceptance in the industry


30,000 ft-lbs.
360,000 in-lbs.
Center drive:
#43 Spline
Counter Torque:
2 pins-1.00 dia. -10.5" bolt circle
Body Height 7-3/4"
Handle Height 11-1/4"
Width 14"
Length 14"
Weight 182 lbs.
Power Source:Air or electrically operated hydraulic pump max. 10,000 PSI @ 40 CIM. Model AOB-2740.

*4-1 mechanical ratio.